Pre-K is 1:00pm until 2:30pm

Kindergarten is 2:30pm until 4:00pm

Bellingrath Hills Elementary's Open House will be held on July 31st as a drive-thru pick up and drop off, we will also have a Google Classroom virtual meeting the following week. Parents will be contacted by their child's teacher the week of July 27th. At that time, teachers will provide parents with additional information regarding our drive-thru and virtual meetings.

On the day of the drive-thru, parents will receive a Welcome Packet with their child's "Clever" badge. Students can login to Clever using any device such as a laptop, tablet, phone, Kindle, or any device that can read a QR code. Once a student logs in, he/she will receive the date and time for the virtual meeting with his/her teacher. This Google Meet is for all students, including those in our Virtual Academy.

Parents are welcome to drop off school supplies on the day of the drive-thru, please drop off supplies that are unable to fit into your child's backpack for the first day of school. If you ordered supplies from Louisiana Office Supply, those items will automatically be delivered to your child's classroom. No money will be collected during our drive-thru.

Beginning July 31st, we are encouraging all parents to pay the necessary school supply fee, carpool tags, sweatshirts, etc. by using School Cash Online. This will allow us to make refunds immediately if necessary.

We're so excited to see y'all!!!!!