Reading with Your Child

When You Read with Your Child

1. In the beginning stages of reading, read a book or story WITH your child. Sit down on the couch, in the big chair, or in the middle of the bed. Make it a close, warm time. Reading should be a pleasant, enjoyable experience for you and your child(ren).

2. Read to your child(ren) often. Every day/night if possible. Plan it into your schedule.

3. Do not make a skills lesson out of an enjoyable reading time. If a word is not known, give a quick clue. If that doesn’t work, tell your child the word. Don’t bog down in skills. ENJOY THE STORY or BOOK. MAKE READING A TREAT – NOT A TREATMENT.

4. “HAM UP” the reading. Bark if it says bark. Growl if it says growl. Whisper, scream, speak gruffly. Stress rhyming words. Have fun with language.

5. READ PICTURES. Point to everything in a picture to build vocabulary skills. Talk about the pictures. Get at deep meanings if possible.

6. SHARE BOOKS AS A FAMILY, if possible.

7. To build COMPREHENSION, ask your child to tell you as much of the story/book as possible. Then ask questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?

8. Keep a list of all books/stories (if longer ones) that are read. It is fun to see how many books a child completes during a year. One story a day is approximately 30 a month or 365 a year.

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