Introducing AR for your Kindergarten student:

Accelerated Reader, (AR®) is an important part of the reading experience at Bellingrath Hills. Renaissance Learning produced Accelerated Reader, a computerized reading management software program, to help students and teachers track reading progress.

How does it work?

Each Kindergarten student has taken an “Early STAR test”. This “test” helps determine the appropriate level of reading challenge for each student. This is called the “Zone of Proximal Development” or “ZPD”. Your student should know his or her ZPD by the end of January. The ZPD targets the reading level that will help your child read independently. Using a student’s initial Early STAR test an individual goal (a certain number of points) is set for them to reach during each grading period and for the year. Accumulating points is done by taking and passing AR® tests after reading each book. These are comprehension tests of 5, 10, or 20 questions to see if they understand what they read.

Students are awarded AR® points depending on their test score. A passing grade is 80%. Recognition is given for reaching percentages of their yearly goal and reaching 100% on tests, and incentives are awarded for reaching some goals. Students will Early STAR test several times during the year to measure their reading growth. Their ZPD range may increase though their yearly goal will not change. Students who reach their goals experience a sense of accomplishment. These goals will not be a part of your child's reading grade. Your child will bring a goal report home soon.

How can you help?

You can help your student succeed by:

Reading the library book together.

Ask questions about what was read.

Letting your student read to you.


*Remember we are introducing AR at this level. Our goal is to produce life long readers!!*