Hearing and Vision

Louisiana schools are required by law to provide basic vision screening to school-aged children at least 1 time every 2 years. 

Basic vision screening equates to using optotype-based screening (e.g., charts), or any other system or method of screening that would be equal to or better, according to the school board. 

Coming home soon in your child's folder will be a consent form that will allow your child to get their vision screened using a PlusOptix machine. The Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation CubSight Vision Screening is a Volunteer Program offered 100% free to the school and residents of Louisiana. 

The CubSight Program uses state of the art vision screening equipment: PlusOptix Vision Screeners. The PlusOptix screeners are non-invasive, take the vision reading 3.5 feet distance from the child, and provide either a PASS or REFER result. This screening option is more accurate and easier to use than a vision chart at this age. 

If you opt out of this program, your child will still be screened using an eye chart. If your child is already under the care of an eye doctor, they are still able to participate in the screening and should they fail the screening, it will be noted that your child is already under care. 

For any questions or concerns regarding this process, please reach out to Nurse Brandi over dojo or email (bwatts@centralcss.org). Thank you so much for your help in early detection of visual disorders.