March Culture Coin Winners!

Congratulations Friends!!!

Mrs. Kortnee Kleinpeter (Pre-K SPED)

Mrs.Bernadette (EMPIRE)

Mrs.Rosie Goyer (K)

Teacher of the Year 2018-2019

Support Staff Member of the Year 2018-2019

August 2018 Culture Coin:

Mrs.Brandi Aydell and Mrs.Jenny Smith

September 2018 Culture Coin:

Mrs.Vickie Delaughter, Mrs.Kristen Courtney, and Mrs.Shelley Smith

October 2018 Culture Coin:

Mrs.Melissa Keown, Mrs.Gina Monroe, and Ms.Kenyetta Brooks

December 2018 Culture Coin:

Mrs.Michelle Richardson, Mrs.Misty Tynes and Mrs.Joanie Hawkins

January 2019 Culture Coin:

Mrs.Jamie McCurley and Mr. Chris Martin

February 2019 Culture Coin:

Mrs.Gay Stephens, Mrs.Hannah Schmidt and Ms.Brandi Melanson

March Culture Coin:

Mrs.Kortnee Kleinpeter, Mrs.Bernadette and Mrs.Rosie Goyer